Residential Roofing

Continuing performance of any roof depends on the unique needs of every building and project. From the most basic lay-overs & tear-offs, to the finest architectural roofing jobs, our services are custom-tailored depending on your needs, and price point. Brave Top Construction does not sub-contract, and the owner is present on the job site to ensure that every customer specification is met. Performing complete cleanups including magnetizing all grass, flower beds and driveways, Brave Top Construction is truly an all-in-one roofing contractor.

From simple resurfacing, to large-scale, roof demolition, our work improves the state of any home, and adds value to any property. Bringing years of roofing experience to every job, we are backed by hundreds of completed projects and satisfied customers. Delivering products that are as visually appealing as they are durable, Brave Top Construction is a single-source provider for all residential roofing needs.